"Junior" Coffee Table

22" x 33" x 20"H              $445.00

This coffee table base comes reclaimed from the state of Michigan. "Junior" from the Union Steel Products Company is an antique Palletainer which was used for storing metal parts in its factory located in Albion Michigan back in the mid 50's. The Top is finished with a 2" thick reclaimed Pine.



Bridgeport Ties

33" x 73" x 30"H             $799

This table was made with Quarter sawn oak reclaimed from a historic house along the seaside of Bridgeport, CT. It was said that the house was once occupied by Charles Sherwood Stratton, a 25 inch tall boy who was later known as General Tom Thumb in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Thumb would help anchor the show for the famous co-founder of the circus, P.T Barnum. 

Finished was a classic tapered legged look, this table would be sure to ad some character and warmth into your dining or kitchen area.





39" X 39" X 20"                  $475

This coffee table was made from reclaimed resources from 2 barns in CT.  The top is from a barn in New Milford, CT. It was actually the lower part of stall door where they would keep stock. 

The base portion of this table is made from reclaimed barnwood siding which came from a barn on a family's property in Easton, CT


Classic Farmhouse


7' x 38" . x 31.5"H .                 $2495

This beautiful classic farmhouse table is ready to make some memories!

Made with reclaimed lumber from a barn in Cheshire, CT. The Barn sat for nearly 150 years and was recently torn down in 2017.  Comfortably fits 6-8.



4' Wide 5' Tall 22" Deep .       $1199

This piece was made with reclaimed material from a barn in Easton, CT. The uses for this piece are numerous! Ready to use as a shelf as seen here or as your new TV console. 



The Vintage Twin

22" Deep x 30" Wide x 90" Tall .       $1599 per Cabinet

These beautiful matching cabinet pieces are ready to surely make a statement in your home. Made with vintage reclaimed french doors from a home in Norwalk, CT. Original pull handles still attached. These units stand nearly 8 feet tall! 



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